Intelligent TMS & SCM Solution

eFreightHub is a complete SCM solution for all industries, from manufacturers, distribution, carriers and freight brokers.

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eFreightHub provides manufacturers tools to manage inventory and arrange logistics. Whether it is obtaining materials for manufacturing, transporting goods for storage or arranging transportation to bring products to customers.

eFreightHub is free for manufacturers to use, from managing inventory to creating packing slips, bill of ladings, finding carriers & brokers to move freight.

Truckers & Carriers

eFreightHub has been built for carriers and truckers, providing all the necessary tools for carriers and truckers alike to operate efficiently and in compliance with state and federal laws. eFreightHub provides complete ELD compliancy, International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) compliancy, bill of lading and documentation management, truck engine maintenance tools, vehicle & fuel theft prevention tools.

Additionally, eFreightHub provides load board that integrates with various existing load boards, support for load management including posting of available assets.

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Freight Brokers

eFreightHub provides all the tools necessary for freight brokers, carrier management, billing, customer relationship management, load board & document management. eFreightHub provides all the tools necessary for freight brokers, post loads, invoice customers, pay carriers & manage load documents.

Our Services

Electronic Documents

Electronic documents that provide all the necessary information, highly secured signature areas, easy to manage claim forms and eliminating the need to use paper.

Fuel & Tire Program

We have partnered with different companies to bring our users incredible savings on fuel and tires.

Asset Tracking

Keep track of fleet assets, obtain valuable information on vehicle status and keep the fleet in compliance.

ELD Compliant

Our ELD solution is certified and registered with the FMCSA, permitting carriers and truckers to stay complaint with the ELD requirement.

Load Board

We connect shippers, freight brokers and carriers together through our electronic load board, permitting shippers and freight brokers to post available loads and carriers available trucks.

Full Integration

eFreightHub is a comprehensive solution for all parties that utilize logistics, providing a suite of applications for carefully crafted for each industry all working synchronously.

Our ELD Solution

FMCSA Registered & Full Compliant

eFreightHub provides a fully compliant easy to use electronic logbook solution, allowing users to stay compliant at all times with timely alerts of HOS violations, automatic logbook audits to keep the CSA scores where they need to be.

Connect to All Vehicles

Our ELD solution connects to all vehicles on the road, whether 9 pin, Dual CAN, Mac, 6 pin, OBDII or Volvo.

Asset Maintenance & Anti-Theft

Obtain valuable diagnostic data allowing technicians to more quickly resolve issues and keep the fleet on the road. In addition to providing valuable information for maintenance, eFreightHub offers anti-theft solutions, allowing owners to keep track of all their assets from trucks to trailers.